Craig's Bands

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This is a list of ALL of Craig's known bands to date. If there's anything i dont have, feel free to submit it.



Vengeance, 1981-1982

Band members

Craig Goldy - guitars
John Osmond - bass
Lee Roy - drums
Pete Papps - vocals

No further information.



Rough Cutt, January 1983-January 1984

Band members

Craig Goldy - guitars
Matt Thor - bass
Chris Hagar - guitar
Paul Shortino - vocals
David Alford - drums

Goldie joined the band right after Claude Schnell left them. They played in various clubs around Los Angeles, USA area. They got in touch with Ronnie James Dio as he produced some demos for them at the time Craig Goldie joined the band and brought them in contact with Warner Bros records. Wendy Dio became the manager for the band around the time Ronnie introduced the band to Warner Bros. They supposedly got a record deal in January 1984, just when Goldie left the band.



Giuffria, January 1984-August 1985

Band members

Craig Goldy - guitars
Gregg Giuffria - keyboards
David Eisley - vocals
Alan Krigger - drums
Chuck Wright - bass
Rick Bozo - bass

It is unknown whether Rick Bozo replaced Chuck Wright or was it other way around. In any case, this band was originally meant to be called Angel, but David Eisley suggested name Giuffria, so they went under that name. They signed a record deal with MCA and spent most of their time writing and recording songs. Their only album - only album with Craig Goldy, at least - featured Chuck Wright on bass. They also toured supporting Foreigner and Deep Purple.



Driver, August 1985-March 1986

Band members

Craig Goldy -guitars
Rudi Sarzo - bass
Tommy Aldridge - drums
Jeff Fenholt - vocals
Perry McCarty - vocals (Replaced Fenholt)

Wendy Dio was about to become the band's manager, but in the end they chose another manager. The manager tried to get record deals from both Capitol Records and CBS, but as he wanted $200 000 for album recording, and both of the record companies offered only $175 000, the record deals didn't came true. The manager had counted that if he'd get $200 000, he could pay his loans back. When the band realized that the manager was supposedly fired.



March 1986-88

Band members

Ronnie James Dio - Vocals
Craig Goldy - Guitar
Jimmy Bain - Bass
Vinny Appice - Drums
Claude Schnell - Keyboards



Shortly after Vivian Campbell left the band, new guitarist was chosen. The band started the Sacred Heart European tour soon after that.

Dio wanted to release a double live album from the Sacred Heart tour but it was rejected by the record company, which thought that the double album wouldn't sell well enough. Eventually Dio managed to get permission to do a live minialbum with one new studio track on it. Ronnie James Dio was so disappointed with it that he wanted it to be called Intermission.

Ronnie James Dio started to work on Dream Evil album with Craig Goldie in December 1986. The whole band started training in January 1987 and went to record the album in Village Recorder studios in Los Angeles around March 1987. The album was finished in May 1987.

The Dream Evil world tour began in Irvine, California with a Children Of The Night charity concert. The band then moved to Europe, where their tour began with an accident before the very first concert. When the roadies were unloading the band stuff from the aeroplane at Helsinki Airport before Dio show in Hameenlinna, Finland, they dropped a US$100 000 synthesizer to the ground and broke it. The band played a secret rehearsal concert at the House of Culture in Helsinki a day before the actual concert - apparently there was no audience in the show.

The Dream Evil tour's first European leg met other accidents too, for example when the band was on their way to Nurnberg Monsters Of Rock show, their truck broke on the highway in Germany. After the driver had left it to get help, 7 cars smashed into it and caused considerable damage to the instruments and backline - they had to borrow even drum sticks from Helloween to play the Nurnberg show.

Dio's Dream Evil tour's second European leg (first leg consisted only of outdoor shows) as well as the US tour featured even bigger stage show than Sacred Heart, which had won "Show Of The Year" rewards both in 1985 and 1986. This time there were big stainless steel spider, knights and big pyrotechnics on stage. Some shows might also have featured a firebreathing dragon. Between the two European tours Dio apparently played in China with Yngwie Malmsteen, George Duke and James Brown with a couple of Russian bands, on a project called Shanghai-Aid. The goal of the project was to raise funds for victims of nature phenomenons.



Craig Goldy's Ritual, 1989-1992

Band members

Craig Goldy - guitars
Mike Stone - vocals
Tom Rucci - bass
Carl Marelli - drums
Doug Allen - keyboards
David Eisley - vocals (Replaced Mike Stone)

The band signed to Grand Slamm Records and I.R.S. in late 1990 or early 1991. Shortly after they had recorded their first - and possibly last - album, the vocalist Mike Stone left them. However, the whole Hidden In Plain Sight album was credited to David Eisley.

While in his own band, Craig Goldie also co-wrote song 'Lady Luck' with David Lee Roth for Roth's album and he at least planned to release an instructional guitar video in 1991, too.



Hard Luck, Summer 1992

Band members

Craig Goldy - guitars
Frank Starr - vocals
Tim Propearcy - guitars
Mark Bisstany - drums
Terry Nails - Bass(?)

Recorded demos and started to look for a record deal in June/July 1992